Lola Coffee Case Study

Project Summary

Redesign an assigned coffee brand for an existing coffee house. I was assigned Lola Coffee Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.


I began my research by first visiting their website, going to their Facebook page and then reading up on the other coffee houses in the area. With this information I came up with my target personas- artistic, likes to spend their time in the shop, and enjoy desert type drinks. So, besides the many coffee bars already in Phoenix, Starbucks is also a competitor that I had to consider when designing for the brand.

I went strait to work with collecting inspiration for the logo and colors I wanted to use. Pink quickly became a color I intended to incorporate because it’s an eye catching color and it helps give the feminine touch that a brand named Lola would have.

I tried something a little different this time when creating a logo and experimented with a number of fonts in illustrator. Once I got the logo I was looking for I went to work on several sides of the product.


On the designing end, keep everything simple and make sure to keep everything consistent while making sure everything looks good and vibrant on their mock-ups. All the poetry that I incorporated would actually be a main component for all the UI/UX stuff I would continue to do.


For the UI/UX I had to focus on creating a mobile interface that had to focus on the main features of the brand that I wanted to focus on.

I wanted to primarily focus on the poetry for the selling point to get people to go to the coffee shop, tie it in I even made a gamification that also focused on the poetry aspect of the coffee bar.

Style Guide

Last but not least, I developed a style guide to incorporate all the elements I used for the brand guidelines.

This was my entire re-branding process for Lola Coffee Bar. By the end of the assignment I came to not only know how to develop a brand but to justify my design choices for business.

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