Pulp Fiction Poster Case Study

Project Summary

The point of the project was to take a modern movie and stylize to make it look like a pulp fiction poster.


First,  I took a look at the type treatments for these older pieces, how they had diagonal text, used many types and even used outlined text. The comic book quality images and the not so detailed backgrounds, in my opinion, where not as important as how the text gives the older style feel.

Finding Dory

The movie I chose to turn into a poster was Finding Dory. So first I had to gather the pieces to join together. 

When I gathered these pieces and completed the appropriate editing it looked something like this.

So everything looked all nice together but it didn’t have the pulp fiction feel. So that’s when I got to add the appropriate elements.

Making it Vintage

I went to work by adding in the elements that gave it its vintage feel. Theme being primarily yellow and blue is because these were the main colors in the fish that Dory is. The colors where picked directly from her. The 25 cents and the old Walt Disney logo to also add the vintage feel. In order to bring it to its final stages I needed to make it look like it had been around for a few years. So, I added a few paper textures and it ended up looking like this.

By the end of the project I managed to piece together pictures and make them look like a Pulp Fiction Poster.

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